The Best Plan


I am supposed to be finishing up something else right now. It’s very late, almost midnight and this has become the norm for me. The very late night not the subtle, not so subtle procrastination. I need nine hours of sleep to function well and be happy but I’m sacrificing that for now and finding myself up until midnight or later to rise at 7 AM to go to my day job.

And what am I doing? Right now (if I was working right now, this very minute) I would be working on the draft of a short story. On some other night this week I may be writing about video games or random content. I could be writing romance or horror movie notes. Some nights I’m shooting off emails with writing samples attached. I could also be writing HTML and CSS code. Creating web pages. Putting together media kits. It depends on the night.

What. Am. I. Doing?

I am almost 30 years old. I was married last Sunday to the love of my life. I have two children and I work full time in what could very possibly be described as a good job. If not a great job for me. I have a very full life. A life that many people would envy and want.

In these hours, close to midnight, I am working very hard to change that life. I am working so hard so that I can quit this life and have one that is more suited to me.

I am almost 30 with a husband and two children and I decided that I wanted to grow up to be a writer. Starting now. Well, starting about 4 months ago. When I began to stay up well past my bedtime writing about video games, romance novels, and random content.

I’m working on becoming a full time freelancer. I’m transitioning. I have a plan.

Why am I doing this? Why? And isn’t it scary?

Well of course it’s scary! It’s the most fighting thing I’ve ever done. But, staying where I was, how I was feeling, that was even more frightening. That forever crush of a perfectly ordered world when all I wanted to do was tell stories and paint pictures. You can’t do that in the 9-5. Not really.

Besides, I’ve always been one to go all in. So right now, I’m available nights and weekends and I’m sacrificing sleeping so that I can sleep in whenever I want later. This is my journey and it’s terrifying but it’s exciting too.

Free nights and weekends like a ’00 cell phone plan. But I’m working on becoming unlimited, baby.