Stop Apologizing for Paying Social Tax

People who are not poor do not want poor people to have nice things. At least that’s what we can gather from all the hubbub focused around what you can and can’t buy while using food stamps and cash assistance. When people who do not have any sort of assistance question the purchases of people on assistance, the result is poor people explaining how thrifty they are or what gifts people have given them. That should stop.

If someone on government benefits purchases something of value in cash it does not mean that they are getting over on the system. What they are doing is paying a social tax and you can only pay that tax in cash.

Good cars, nice phones, having your hair done, and wearing clothing that are not rags are all forms of social tax and poor people must pay a higher amount. If you don’t pay your social tax, the fine is a complete inability to move forward in the social sphere.

Social tax is having the right items to give the appearance of being of a certain class. In this case the class is not someone who draws benefits because that is bottom of the barrel. If you cannot pay your social tax, if you can’t afford to have your hair done or keep a modern cell phone then you are operating at a loss and when you’re poor, you can’t afford anymore losses.

You cannot be hired for a job if you go to an interview wearing rags. People will not network with you if your hair is a mess all the time. You can’t send emails from a flip phone. You can’t get to work if your car is constantly breaking down.

These are just realities.

We all pay social tax. Poor people aren’t exempt, in fact they’re judged more harshly for not paying it in the form of loss jobs, homes, and opportunities. All the things that would help them make it out of poverty.

So don’t apologize person of lesser means for doing what you have to do to survive.


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