Women VS Women Needs To End

Donyae Coles_The Goddess and Her Mad Dancers_Oil on Canvas_24x36_2013

Some women are exceptionally good people. Some women are not. The goodness of one woman has absolutely no relevance to any other woman regardless of their similarities. It’s time to stop building a pedestal for some women on the back of others.

This is especially a problem on social media where memes come to stand in for actual discussion. These pictures pit women against each other by holding up a standard of “perfection” while demonizing the other woman. It doesn’t matter what two women you use. None of it is ok.

Of course the people who posts these memes state that they mean they are trying to say that they’re fearless or classy or whatever they think these comparisons mean but in reality, these sorts of shares actually say that one woman is being a better woman than the other for a host of arbitrary reasons.

This needs to stop. There doesn’t need to be a negative example to weigh down the scale to lift the positive example up. The woman who has done amazing things has done them on her own merit and does not need a shadow for her light to shine brighter.

By continuing to share and create memes that do this, the “good girl” myth is perpetrated. The idea that there is a right and wrong way to be a woman, that one type of woman is more worthy than another is being reinforced.

In reality, there is no single way to be a woman nor is there any single marker of goodness. People are complicated, they are not all bad or all good. This angel/devil dichotomy is false and unsustainable. Instead of striving to be any one type of woman over some other type women, all women should strive to be themselves.

It’s fine to have role models and to work to succeed in being a good person but make sure that in working to be better we aren’t trampling other women on the way to whatever heights we strive to reach.


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