To The Brock Turners, It Really Is Just 20 Minutes Of Action

Court House

By now, you’ve likely heard of the Brock Turner, the rapist, and of the joke that is his six-month sentence for the OBVIOUS and CONVICTED rape of a UNCONSCIOUS woman. I’m not going to talk about that. I’m going to talk about his dad who wrote a letter about how hard his rapist son now has it. I’m actually a little glad that his father sat down and took the time to write this little missive that reduces a brutal rape to “20 minutes of action” because it perfectly illustrates how and why the Brock Turners of the world keep happening.

It’s not because they’re horrible people, the Brock Tuners. They are usually special and accomplished and the people around them treat them as if that somehow gives them a pass because they are so special and the things they do are so amazing that even the most horrible acts they commit shouldn’t tarnish that.

That’s the message they get their entire lives, that’s the bubble they live in. So why should they stop and think that maybe, that other person has a life and a body that matters. The world is THEIR oyster, it exists for their pleasure and enjoyment, as a stage for their greatness. They don’t think about consequences because in their world there are none.

That’s why Brock’s dad could write a letter that equates rape with a quickie and help get his son’s sentence reduced to a laughable amount. That’s why whole town’s worth of people rally behind football players who rape people in the bathroom and at parties.

Because they are special and talented and more worthy of a future than the people they violated and that idea is supported by their parents, their communities, the legal system. Everywhere. And we’re going to keep seeing them as long we live in a society that supports the idea that if you can throw a ball or swim really well or just have more money then you can do anything you want.

Brock Turners aren’t monsters born into the world from voids. They are cultivated by people like Brock Turner’s dad and the judge that didn’t want to ruin his life. Brock Turners are manufactured. If you want to see less Brock Turners in the world, then you have to shut down the factories that keep pumping them out. Stop telling the special and talented boys of the world that it’s ok to trample over the lives of others. And when your dad writes a letter that refers to rape as 20 minutes of action, he’s saying that it’s ok.


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