Your Faves are Problematic: The Billboard Incident


Here’s a message to the fandom communities: Your imagery can be integral to the story and still problematic. This message is brought to you today by Fox’s Mystique V. Apocalypse billboard. Yes, it is the hero being attacked by the villain but it also a woman being attacked by a man and unless you’re familiar with the story and plot, you wouldn’t really know the first part.

By accepting that it was problematic you are not denouncing the story, the comic, the creators. You are not claiming that film promotes violence against women. You can still enjoy this media while at the same time admitting that this particular billboard was not the best choice for advertisement.

Not everyone follows the films or reads the comics. Not every person is going to know who the people on the advert are or the full story of what is happening. But every person who sees that can tell that it is a woman being attacked by a man.

When we display violent media it helps to normalize those things in society. This billboard is not promoting violence against women but it is sharing imagery that may help to normalize it. Is it DIRECTLY causing harm, no, not in so much but it is not helping to stop harm.

We can do better and it starts with members of the fandom accepting that their faves are problematic and calling for them to do better. You can STILL have all the content you love but that doesn’t mean that you can’t call them out when they’ve done something that wasn’t cool.


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