Trump Doesn’t Have a Mental Disorder


Stop writing pieces speculating on what mental illness Donald Trump may have. It’s abelist and it’s the same tactic we use to excuse white boys who shoot people. They didn’t mean it, they’re SICK. No. Donald Trump isn’t sick. He’s just a man who is used to having everyone kiss his ass.

Our president does not have a mental illness. We are not going to excuse his bad behavior because he has narcissistic personality disorder or he may be suffering from PTSD from the 9/11 attacks. His actions are not based on some emotional boogeyman. He is doing these things because he wants to and thinks they’re the right course of action.

It’s scary to accept that the leader of the free world is so visibly self-serving and is lacking quite a bit of knowledge surrounding the very important position he’s in but it’s the truth and we must accept it. Armchair psychology at the best of times is a pointless pursuit and we are not anywhere near those times.

Continuing to play this game that Trump has some yet undiagnosed disorder is at once a distraction and a tactic used to hold him less than accountable for his choices. It causes people who could act to hold back with the idea that “he’s reacting to his disorder, possibly.”

No, stop it. There’s nothing wrong with Trump. Discussions about what might be wrong with him are a distraction. Don’t get distracted.


You Are Not Required To Be a Punching Bag


This month has been pretty tough for people. There has been tragedy, after tragedy. Lots of judgement and hurtful words have been thrown around. So this is just a reminder for everyone who is vulnerable: You are not required to engage with or keep hurtful people in your life.

If you are hurting and someone is just making it worse, you don’t have to keep talking with them. You don’t have to be polite. Tell them they’re hurting you and if you need, cut contact. Or just cut contact. You are not required to be someone else’s punching bag.

It doesn’t matter if that person is a relative, a significant other or just some rando on Facebook. You are not required to take their shit.

This may just be a temporary situation and in a few days of space you’ll be fine to engage again. It may be a permanent change in the relationship but either way, YOU are important. YOUR mental health is important and trumps their need to say whatever they want to say to you.

It is not rude, it is not selfish to take care of yourself in this way. You are not required to engage with people who do not value your health and wellbeing.

Take care of yourself out there.